This seems normal to my eyes.

I took those today, using the opportunity of colorful after-sundown. It’s a view from our appartment. You see blurred sky and lights.

The last one’s same as that one above, just with editing. That reminds me to mention the first two are not edited.

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Where have you led me.

Taken this weekend on our way to visit grandma who lives on the north of republic.


Prague in the dark.

These were taken on a walk through the center of Prague last week. The sky looked amazing because of the strange and colorful sundown.


France part 10.

The first photo is from St. Tropez. Painting seller and after that a car experiment on a way from St. Tropez. The third one’s from Hyéres.


France part 09.

Again, the first one’s from the Saint-Croix lake and has no edits. Oh, how badly I wanted to jump in there and dive into that clear water. So as the second’s from there. The last photo’s from Hyéres.