Facing the reality.

Taken this weekend with dad’s Nikon. The first one is a mirror reflection. The model’s my friend Ngan this time.

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Thinking pose.

Actually one of the very first photos I took with the new Nikon D3100. This is the original picture. Also taken today.


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Behind the fence.

My first photoshooting with my dad’s new camera (Nikon), and I must say it’s way better than my amateur photos with the old Panasonic. I used Guide regime to blur the back of the picture and some other simple stuff. I’m still learning how to take good pics with it. My friend Hanna is posing. This looks as a first good photo walk this year. Taken today. Hope you like it.

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French cuttie.

I capture this cute little boy during my vacation in France. He was bathing in the waters under Pont du Gard, Avignon. It’s a little edited.

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I took this pic while hiking break on a school trip in Nová Paka (the north of Czech republic). It’s again my friend Hanna but this time she didn’t know that she’s posing for me. It’s a little photoshopped.

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Trees are good.

Again and again from last spring-summer. On pictures is my friend Hanna, who’s my loyal model. Natural shots.

And those two are the same, but with different editing, the first one’s classical black-and-white plus some contrast and the second has mainly the black to white transition or something like that.

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Laughing Hanna.

Again just two photos that are focusing on a laughing person and I think these are looking kinda sincere and symphatic.

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Fall(ing leaves).

And just two photos from fall 2011 (for now, maybe I’ll add some more). The word I’d use for describing it’s just – classic, but I like them.

Like her smile and the leaf on her face.

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Useless umbrella.

These are taken also like a year ago, probably in June. Posing my only model (for now) Hanna. You can see a sunset on the back of some pictures, so they were “naturally photoshopped” , but i added a little bit of contrast etc. anyway. Hope you like it… But I don’t know why are they looking here so “bad quality”…


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This gallery contains 11 photos.

So in my first post I’m gonna show you photos from last spring. They were taken in Prague, posing my friend Hanna. I only add some contrast (it was already pretty dark, so I updated it) and some text. Hope … Continue reading

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