Every cloud has a silver lining quotation.

I ordered this book – Every cloud has a silver lining from ebay and as soon as i received it I read it at one sitting. It’s full of inspirational and heart-warming quotations. And I just couldn’t resist to take a photo of some. Recommend this book and hope you like the photo.


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This seems normal to my eyes.

I took those today, using the opportunity of colorful after-sundown. It’s a view from our appartment. You see blurred sky and lights.

The last one’s same as that one above, just with editing. That reminds me to mention the first two are not edited.

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Fivb 2012 part 2

This gallery contains 7 photos.

On the first photo is match Brazil vs. Latvia. On the following are known Rego and Cerutti. On the third pic is Phil Dalhausser blocking Pedro Cunha, and on the next is Cunha with his teamate Ricardo Santos. Another Brazilian … Continue reading

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Trying to capture sports.

I found in my computer a few photos from Patria direct open, Swatch FIVB world tour in beach volleyball 2010. I was there as a helper so as like a hundred other volleyball apprentices from Prague clubs. I remember that in the end Brazil won, on the second place, I thikn, was USA, owners of the bronze medal were Germans, and on forth place was placed China. I regret that I missed last year’s FIVB in Prague… So here they are, not so great, but at least there’s some action.

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