Look, a butterfly.

Taken around 2 years ago.


English squirrel.

Cute squirrel climbing up the branches in London, England.

Bugs’ love.

I’m actually kinda proud of these pictures. They were taken in Prague last year right before summer started. I found this bug couple by an accident when I was looking for some flower details to capture.

He’s Italian.

I took a picture of this birdie in restaurant in Venice, Italy, also during my vacation, but almost two years ago. It wasn’t easy to capture him, he was really quick.

Spanish seagulls.

There’s a few photos of seagulls that I took last summer on vacation in Barcelona. It wasn’t easy to capture them, the pictures were blurry.

This pic is very similar to the original, it has just a small editing.

He looks like he’s angry… and kinda badass… (original)

And those two just for fun, they’re not as sharp as the previous ones, but I think they seem interesting… They’re the same, but coloured (original) and black-and-white version.