World is my garden 06.

How happy I was when I discovered that this photo is sharp even on a computer screen.


World is my garden 05.

I think it looks cool that there’s some little fly in the picture.


World is my garden 01.

I’m surprised that some of the photos (which I by the way took with my old Panasonic) are so sharp and there’s a lot of details to see. Hope you like it, there will be more photos of only flowers.


France part 02.

Haven’t decided which version of this photo is better so I’m posting both of them.

All of those were taken on walk through the city Bordeaux.

France part 01.

So there’s a first part of pics that I took in a french territory, hope you like it.

The photo above is taken in Bordeaux.

Oh, and this photo was actually taken somewhere in Switzerland, but I’m too lazy to edit previous article.