Gas station.

These photos were taken today with the new camera during a trip to visit my grandma. We stopped at a gas station to get some rest after long sitting in the car and I took some pictures there. They seem kind of ordinary, but I’m posting them anyway. Edited.



Colorful sunset.

Took these with my old camera. The first one is a view to the left side from my window and has added contrast and just a little of vividness (don’t know how else to translate it)… The second pic captures how it looked like from the right side, also has an extra contrast and I was trying to suppress the colors here.


Fivb 2012 part 2

This gallery contains 7 photos.

On the first photo is match Brazil vs. Latvia. On the following are known Rego and Cerutti. On the third pic is Phil Dalhausser blocking Pedro Cunha, and on the next is Cunha with his teamate Ricardo Santos. Another Brazilian … Continue reading

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Thinking pose.

Actually one of the very first photos I took with the new Nikon D3100. This is the original picture. Also taken today.


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Behind the fence.

My first photoshooting with my dad’s new camera (Nikon), and I must say it’s way better than my amateur photos with the old Panasonic. I used Guide regime to blur the back of the picture and some other simple stuff. I’m still learning how to take good pics with it. My friend Hanna is posing. This looks as a first good photo walk this year. Taken today. Hope you like it.

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