A shed.

Just a cut out photo aka a view from our pension room on a ski trip in nothern Czech Republic.

Couldn’t decide which one is better, so I’m publishing both versions (the first one’s the original plus just a little contrast effect).


English squirrel.

Cute squirrel climbing up the branches in London, England.

Tourists’ views.

I think that the first one is beach in Brighton, south England. And the second one is, I can say that for absolutely sure, was taken in London, the famous London eye.

Flowers again.

Also taken during last spring’s school trip, I think these pictures are from zoo in Tourquay, except the last one.

Ferry ride.

They were taken last spring while a school trip to UK, on a ferry journey from Calais, France to Dover, England (those are from Calais) before the sunrise. It was amazing view, but I didn’t capture it.


Ancient spirit.

All of those were taken during my last year’s vacation, in Avignon, France, but that one with a woman on the beach is from Spain. I edited them so they ooze ancient atmosphere.

In the garden.

Again, not that awesome pictures, but there’s something I like about them. These were taken back in summer, in our garden on cottage on the south of Czech republic, when I was bored.

Summer’s night.

I took this photo while waiting for my sister on one summer’s night on the street I live in. It looks like to me that the puddle that’s lit up with the street lamps is heart-shaped don’t you think?

Trying to capture sports.

I found in my computer a few photos from Patria direct open, Swatch FIVB world tour in beach volleyball 2010. I was there as a helper so as like a hundred other volleyball apprentices from Prague clubs. I remember that in the end Brazil won, on the second place, I thikn, was USA, owners of the bronze medal were Germans, and on forth place was placed China. I regret that I missed last year’s FIVB in Prague… So here they are, not so great, but at least there’s some action.

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Bugs’ love.

I’m actually kinda proud of these pictures. They were taken in Prague last year right before summer started. I found this bug couple by an accident when I was looking for some flower details to capture.